Use this link to find all location points and donation points for The Red Box Project in East Belfast. If you have any questions email davina@ebcda.org

Discussions at the third East Belfast Networking event of the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme
On 2 April over 40 participants from the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme gathered to celebrate all that had been achieved and look to the future. Managed by EBCDA, the Community Capacity and Leadership Programme was managed by NICVA and delivered by NICVA along with a consortium of delivery partners. 
Staff from EBCDA, NI Alternatives, Ardoyne Youth Enterprise, Street Beat, East Belfast DPCSP, PSNI, and the NI Policing Board

EBCDA's Youth Diversionary and Outreach Programme won the award for "Outstanding Impact in Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour" at the first ever Policing and Community Safety (PCSP) Awards, held in Parliament Buildings on Wednesday 29 May. This was awarded jointly to a similar project managed by Ardoyne Youth Enterprise. 

At EBCDA we are coordinating the Red Box Project to ensure that every woman living in East Belfast has access to free menstrual products in a bid to tackle "period poverty."

We have a range of donation stations across East where members of the community can make a donation to the Red Box of either sanitary pads or tampons.