Community Coaching Feedback

What some community workers and volunteers who have used coaching have to say …


“Personally the coaching experience for me was extremely beneficial, I found that it helped me to be more confident within my work environment enabling me to be more outspoken and take lead during different situations. I believe the coaching has helped me progress, allowing me to feel confident enough to take on new tasks independently.” – Community Worker


“I feel I really achieved so much from my sessions” – Volunteer


“(My coach) helped me to come to the realisation that… I will only fully achieve my best potential if I take time for myself” - Community Worker


“I would love to have the experience of coaching again, I feel so empowered” - Community worker


“I have learnt more about my core values, how I approach issues that I find troubling and how to build better relationship with work colleagues” - Community worker


“I would recommend coaching to my work colleagues, friends and family, it’s a great way to work on your personal development and help you see things from a different aspect” - Community Worker


“I feel a lot clearer on where I am going in terms of my career. I was able to reflect and think about things different and come to my own conclusion on issues I was facing” - Volunteer


“Coaching increased my confidence and self believe. Being asked questions by my coach and having time and space to think just brought me new energy. It sounds so simple but it has led me to be more motivated about life. Thank you.” - Volunteer