Mission, Theory of Change and Values

Mission & ValuesMISSION

East Belfast Community Development Agency
exists to provide resources, support and
capacity building programmes for community groups
that are based on partnership,
equal opportunities and sustainable outcomes.

EBCDA's job is to add value to the activity undertaken by groups in local areas and to work with key organisations to ensure the continued development of a community sector in East Belfast that is recognised, valued and effective.

We seek to support successful community development, encourage reflective practice and promote cooperation and locally based solutions.

We will work proactively to ensure that people have the opportunity to fully contribute to, and share in, decision-making processes in relation to policies and programmes that will affect them.

We will support and promote work which builds communities that include groups and people that have been most marginalised.

We oppose harassment, victimisation and prejudice of any kind. We are committed to ensuring that we do not discriminate against anyone within, or in contact with, the Organisation on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, and responsibility for dependents, sexuality, age, economic status, religious or political belief or marital status. This includes all the groups highlighted in Equality Legislation as outlined in Section 75 of the (1998) Northern Ireland Act.

We value learning from other places and will promote identified good practice amongst our members and other stakeholders. The application of these values and principles to our work will contribute to:

  • A greater awareness that the principles of community development are fundamental to successful regeneration in East Belfast.
  • Equal access to a wide range of development opportunities for people living in areas of recognised disadvantage.
  • All relevant agencies and organisations being involved in promoting community participation and consultation in developing policy and practice.