East Belfast Community Development Agency are providing local bars and clubs with free beermats as part of their ongoing work in suicide prevention.  The beermats have been designed to encourage anyone who might be having thoughts of suicide to make contact with services who can help and include contact details for 24/7 local sour

Professional  Fellows On-Demand 2019 Emerging Leaders Exchange for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Office of Citizen Exchanges and USAID


Use this link to find all location points and donation points for The Red Box Project in East Belfast. If you have any questions email davina@ebcda.org

FREE 2 hour Dementia Awareness Workshop for community centres, churches or for specific groups within East Belfast

Discussions at the third East Belfast Networking event of the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme
On 2 April over 40 participants from the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme gathered to celebrate all that had been achieved and look to the future. Managed by EBCDA, the Community Capacity and Leadership Programme was managed by NICVA and delivered by NICVA along with a consortium of delivery partners.